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Criminal Law

We represent clients charged with any kind of criminal code offence. We assist in securing bails and can also meet the accused at the detention center.

Opinion does matter

It is not obligatory on any accused to secure a lawyer to represent him at the trial or during the ongoing Criminal proceedings. However, it is imperative to seek legal advice from a competent Defence Lawyer. It may be possible that you can represent yourself after seeking appropriate advice. Whereas, not talking to a lawyer at all may be disadvantageous.

We provide half hour free consultation and encourage everyone that it shall be utilized to your benefit.


Right to silence

Section 7 of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom and common Law provides every individual with the Right to silence. If you speak to the Police officials and the interview involves any Self incriminatory statements which, could be used against you at the trial in certain circumstances.


Presumption of innocence:

Everyone in Canada has a fundamental legal right conferred by the Legislation. Section 11(d) of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom embody a basic legal right available to all:

Section 11(d) provides that:

  11. Any person charged with an offence has the right …(d) to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal;


We strongly believe that everyone should be treated equally and fairly in our legal system. It is very important to have competent Criminal Defence Lawyer on your side, as you may not understand various legal technicalities and could end up in a disadvantageous position during your criminal proceedings.


Guilty Plea may not be an option

In certain circumstances it is difficult to cope up with the stress involving criminal proceedings. Some people may give and accept to proceed by way of guilty plea. Guilty plea is accepting the facts, which were made the basis if the charge, leading to finding of Guilt or a conviction. You need to discuss your options with a Criminal Defence Lawyer before you decide to Plead. It may be easy and less expensive but may not be the right choice in your case.